Monday, October 27, 2014

5 Thing I've Learned About Bloggin

I have ‘officially’ been blogging since March of 2013. I say officially this way, because that is when Life in the Sunshine made its debut and I really started getting serious about blogging. Sure, I have blogged off and on for years, but that is when I really decided to jump with both feet and take it seriously. I have learned a few things since then.


When I started to blog, I never realized the amount of work and time I would put into every single post. Honestly, I thought that it would be something easy to do and not very time consuming. Boy was I wrong. I find myself spending hours making sure that I have good content to share with you all. Plus, I have to take the time organize it all. I learned a lot from Jana at Life Could Be A Dream about how to organize your blog posts. Since, then I can promise you that it has gotten a lot easier for me. Thank you Jana!


Like I said in the previous paragraph – I learned a lot from Jana on how to organize my blog. I take the time to write down all of my ideas on post-it notes and then organize them on a calendar. This way I can arrange my categories and not have back to back subjects. This is so helpful! Plus, I love that I put them on post-it notes – makes it easier to switch things around if I want too! 


I know that I personally don’t to read posts where I feel I am being lectured. I am sure that I have a few in my past, hope they weren’t offensive. There is nothing I hate more than feeling I am being talked down too or I am wrong because of my opinion. I like to read blogs that make me feel as if I am having this conversation with you in person. Keeping it light and easy, is key for me!


This is a huge thing for me. I am a people pleaser. I automatically want to make sure that my blog pleases everyone who reads it, but I have learned that it just won’t happen. I have to be myself and state my own opinion, obviously kindly. In the end though, not every single person who comes across this little space of mine will love it. When I stopped trying to please every reader that would come across my blog, I found that I enjoy blogging so much more! Yes, I put in a lot of time to this little blog of mine and I believe that I offer really good content. If I am happy with what I am posting, that is all that matters.


This is important; because I believe that people come to your blog and stay to read it because of the voice behind it. They want to read it because of the content and stories that you’re providing to them. Just be you, people love you for who you are, so share yourself with the world. Also, I think it is important as well to share with your readers/followers who you are; with introductions, stories and pictures about your life. They grow to love you, the voice behind the blog and love to watch your life continue to grow and change.

What are some things you have learned since you started blogging?


  1. These tips are great! I'm having a hard time finding my blogging "mojo" and these help!

  2. There really is so much to learn. Thanks for these tips!

  3. We've been blogging for almost a year now, and it's a lot more work than people think! The food and fashion photography definitely take a lot more time than other posts! ~Ree