Monday, October 13, 2014

Boyfriend Jeans + Blazers

When I signed up to become a Pure Romance consultant I knew that I wanted to find a couple of go-to outfits that were a bit more professional and business casual than what I would normally wear every day. I wanted to look clean and polished, yet still have the outfits scream that they were 100% my style! I would never wear them otherwise or I would at least never be myself while I was in them. So, of course, I turned to Pinterest and started searching for business casual outfits.

Business Casual

Business Casual
Business Casual

I loved that I came up with a million Ideas, but I really loved that a lot of the ones I fell in love with were done with boyfriend jeans. Score! I have this new obsession with them; they are so comfortable! I would totally want to dress those up any day!

After spending way more time than I should of looking online – I decided to throw a couple of options together and get everyone’s opinion. Do you think that they business casual outfits are dressy enough to have parties in, yet laid back enough to not feel like I was actually at work? I really do want a good balance of comfort and professionalism..

What's your opinion?
Have any ideas?

1 comment:

  1. Love these three outfits! Where do you get the distressed boyfriend jeans? And I'm adding a blazer to my Christmas list!