Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Flats

I need to be honest – I haven’t ever been one that is completely in love with flats; that was up until a couple of years ago. I bought a pair because of working in a bank. I liked the way they could be dressed up or down; plus they were comfortable enough to wear for an entire shift. 

I love heels, but they weren’t practical for the days where I could stand at the teller line. I wouldn’t last all day long, but I still wanted something that I found fashionable and cute! So, the search for a couple pairs of flats was on. I searched high and low, all over the stupid town of Minot to find something. Nothing, I came up with nothing that I loved. I did end up getting a couple of pairs though because I knew I needed something. I bought a simple black pair with a little bow and a light beige colored pair. They got me through a couple of months until I could go to Vegas and really shop for a good pair of flats.

Well, long story short. I have been keeping my eyes open for adorable and comfortable flats since then. Because it is always my luck that I can’t find what I can never find what I want, when I need to buy it. 

Currently I am crushing of flats like this... I think that they are perfect for the upcoming season of fall. Plus, if I make a list of things I really like, then maybe I will be able to find some.. right?

Fall Flats

Plus, I am going to need some flats after my lovely encounter with a soccer ball last week. Leaving me with a not so happy toe and a toe nail that may just fall off. 

What are your current flat favorites?

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