Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

.So I have this idea.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

We always need that inspiration
Especially in the middle slump of the week
So it hits me.. Words of Wisdom
Whether they be


Lets do words that will lighten our week;
keep us going to the weekend.

So grab the button, or link up..
Just remember
These are your Words of Wisdom
Whatever they may be.. Let them out!


This weeks are from

No matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, the moment always comes when suddenly our spirts revives, and hope is reborn. That is why we must never give up.

No matter what may have happened yesterday, a new day of fresh possibility has dawned. You are not the same person today as you were.

Only when you throughly polish your life does you true self become manifest, and the diamond-like billiance of your individuality shine forth from the depths of your being.

Truly strong people are not arrogant. Cowardice on the other hand causes arrogance. Cowards hide behind their own power and authority.

Our real strength lies in our capacity for empathy with others and the actions we take on their behalf.

On a lighter note.
If you love
White Chocolate Mocha
I had the best one I have consumed in my life.
The morning girl at Starbucks
Sunset Corner
Is Ahh-Mazzzing!
Seriously Amazing!

Enjoy All!
Happy Wednesday :)
xoxo Kenzie

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