Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday!

Monday after day light savings.
its always a fun one

This is my first Weekend Shenanigans link up with Sami!
So here it goes,,


It was a beautiful rainy day
Little Miss Ashlynne was catching rain drops in the mop bucket at work.
She is hilarious.
She would walk around, stick her finger in the water and give you a rain drop.
Ooh how I love this little stinker!

I went with Levi to sign paperwork for his new toy.
Thats right he spoiled himself with a brand-new, just out of the box, sports bike.
I do have to say,, I kind am worried.
He sure is proud of it.

By the way this pic was taken today cause he had to wait to pick it up till today, 
since it was in a box on Saturday.

Of course I made him take me out to lunch and get ice cream afterwards.
We went to Buca again,
yes I know we just had it the night before.
But it is so good,
plus I wanted to try their pizza this time.
And have one of their drinks.
Buca Bella.

Ice cream was from IceBerg. 
Not my favor,
but it did the job.
I dont know how anyone can eat this whole thing by themselves,
Its even a mini.

The family I babysit for needed some help in the morning.
Stephanie ( mom ) went up north to visit her brother
 Matt ( dad ) had a lesson to teach in sunday school
Hallie ( oldest ) was teaching too
Tayson, well we couldn't leave Brie with him
Disaster would occur.
So I stayed home with Brie
We watched, 
Good Luck Charlie
and Elmo
Had Lucky Charms
on the marshmallow of course
Peaches 'n' Cream Oatmeal
Played and Snuggled.

Once everyone was home, 
Matt insisted I stay for Ribs.
Twist my Arm Matt,
Of course i'll stay for ribs.

Once I was home, 
the rest of the day consisted of

Eventful I know, don't have to tell me.

But while I was browsing Pinterest,
I came across this and laughed so hard
Love it!

Thats it for the weekend.!

xoxo Kenzie

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