Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Having a lot of events happen over the weekend is so NOT like me. I am usually a homebody and only venture out one day/night of the weekend. This weekend, I had something to do every single day and night. Surprise, I know! I had a blast though!! And I took so many pictures, so get ready for pic overload. Here is to my fun filled weekend. Love making memories.
I was going to blog this yesterday, but I honestly had the worst day ever. I was so not in the mood to do anything after work but lay in bed and just watch a movie. So here I am doing this on Tuesday, oh well. I didn't wanna miss it, I had so much fun this weekend I just had to share.

A - Friday: Lunch from Frost Top. I love this place! There is nothing better than a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Fries with Fry Sauce of course, and a Lime Glacier! Some of the Girls at the Cleaners experienced Frost Top for the first time. Dad, on the other hand had forgot how amazing there fries were. He attempted to eat all of the fries that we got to share. Naughty Boy.
B - Saturday morning before I had to be to work, I stopped bySwig. I even left a whole 20 mins early so that I knew I would have enough time to get through the massive line that is always there. When I came down the hill to pull in, to my surprise there was no line. What the Heck! Never has this happened. I was so excited to get my Raspberry Limeade with Extra Limes.
C - Saturday night Levi and I went down on a Sibling Date to Katherine's in Mesquite. Ooh how I love this place. I talked about it last weekend when Kati and I had a Mesquite Getaway on a Thursday. It was delicious of course, like it always is. I even tried Creme Brûlée for the very first time, I cant believe I have never had it before. I have been missing out for sure.!
D - Sunday Morning. Kati, Wyatt ( kati's little bro ), and I went to Breakfast at Bear Paw for Breakfast. I had their French Toast with Strawberries and Whipped Creme. To Die For! Then we went hiking in Snow Canyon for most of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. Couldn't resist being outside in the sunshine.
E - Sunday Night. Dad, Mom, and I went out to dinner. This was my outfit. I loved it. Love my new Boots. I try to put them with any outfit I can. I waited so long to buy them, I wanna wear them as much as possible before it get way to hot to even look at them.
F - So while at dinner Mom and I attempted this stupid game. Out of all the times I tried I only succeeded once. Yeah Once. This game and I have a much love hate relationship. Its good for the mind though, so they say. I always remember playing this growing up.

till next time. 
much love

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