Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Obsessions

I absolutely love opening up my Cosmo magazine and digging into the fashion section, seeing what they think is considered to be trending right now. Which honestly, they are right 90% of the time. Although, some of the fashion that they collaborate together always have me thinking, “why would I ever put those pieces together, I would look like a giant printed mess.” I do get a lot of my idea though, for new outfits, of course. So here are some of my current Summer Obsessions that I couldn’t live without…
For one: I am loving all the bright color blocking that is going on. The reason I love these outfits though, is that they all have tops that are loose mixed with fitting or skinny bottoms.

Two: Pastel Pink, Coral, Mint, Aqua, Sea Foam, Cream, White, Ivory.
 Loving these colors this season, they are so beautiful.!
Three: Tucked in shirts. Loving the “vintage” look of it all, and if you follow my instagram. You would know how obsessed I have become with my vintage looks lately. I think my vintage Fendi’s I got started this spiraling process.
Four: Metallic. Now I am not into wearing Metallic clothing, but I love accessorizing with lots of sparkles, gold, and silver. I use to not be big into accessorizing, but lately I am quite obsessed.
Five: Cuffed Jeans. I love the look. Plain and simple, plus paring them with a bunch of different styles of tops can change the entire look of the outfit in a simple step.
What are your current Summer Outfit Obsessions.?
Much Love, Kenzie.

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