Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Talk on The Block..

So, What is Hot in Tinsel Town..

More Babyyy News.!

RACHEL WOOD & Spouse Jamie Bell welcomed their little boy into the world.

PENELOPE CRUZ & Javier Barden welcomed their 2nd bundle of joy. A girl this time around for them.. Their little one was born the same day as the George the Royal Bundle of joy. Sounds like destiny to me, anyone hear Wedding Bells in their future.

FERGIE celebrated her pregnancy with her friends this weekend at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. The Gayby shower was lavish and a star studded event, what else do you expect from Fergie though.

Not in Babyy News..

Mr. Justin Bieber is at it again; US Border agents found Marijuana on his tour bus when it was stopped at the US-Canada Border. Justin tweeted "I'm a lucky guy" on tuesday morning, nothing like slipping right through the cracks the cracks.

and to top it off..
His on-again-off-again relationship with Selena Gomez;
He shows up at her 21st Birthday Bash with a single rose.
But, everyone look at those eyes. Does he not look completely higher than a kite.

This is my personal opinion,,
He is not my favorite person and I think he is kind of pathetic.!

much love, kenzie

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