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Words of Wisdom Wednesday : Life of No Regrets

Today’s Topic: Live a Life of No Regrets

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As I sat here pondering what I wanted to write about for my Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I kept thinking about something I had come across just recently. “The best advice I ever received? Simple: Have no regrets. Who gave me the advice? Mum’s the word.” – Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. I really have started living by that, because I never want to wake up one day and regret that I simple did or didn’t do what I wanted. Branson also said in that interview, “If you asked every person in the world who gave them their best advice, it is a safe bet that most would say it was their mother. I am no exception. My mother has taught me many valuable lessons that have helped shaped my life. But having no regrets stand out above all others, because it has informed every aspect of my life and every business decision we have ever made.”

I started thinking about my past, and where it has leaded me too at this point in my life. I am who I am because of it, but I also wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t learn from mistakes I made in it. I want to never regret the decisions I make or have made; as long as I learn from them, how can I? When everything went south with my last relationship, and I loved home. I found these steps on line, and I personally really like them. How To Live Life With No Regrets. It as simple as the following 13 steps.
 1) Forgive yourself. Everyone makes terrible choices and past mistakes. You can only try to repair and/or learn from them.
2) Start with your relationships. All the people in your life have something to teach you. Take one person in your life at a time and make a list of what they can educate you in. For example, your grandfather might teach you about history or the stock market or football. Your mother could teach you about cooking or some other interest. Even if what they know does not interest you-take the time and try to learn from everyone. Value them.
3) Make sure the people in your life know how much you care and love them. Tell them and show it to them in different ways.
4) Appreciate what you have. Write down 10 gifts (not material things) that you have been given. Post it somewhere you can see it every day.
5) Change any habits that hurt your body. Consuming too much sugar and fat in food, alcohol, drugs and lack of exercise and sleep will slowly kill you. When you are young, it is hard to understand how it can catch up to you when you are older. But it will. Count on it.
6) Stop if you have been abusive, dishonest, neglectful or cruel to any person or animal. Stop. Make amends. It takes a strong person to say "I am sorry, forgive me." However, if the person wants nothing to do with you, back away and write them a letter to beg forgiveness. Healing takes time. They might never want to deal with you again but at least you were responsible for your past actions.
7) Realize that life is messy and it is better to be open to change. You will be a happier and more relaxed human being.
8) Focus more on relationships and interests and less on material things. If you spend your whole life worrying about your appearance or material goods, there will be deep regrets on what you did not pay attention to in life.
9)Remember to avoid giving your time to people or activities that are worthless in the long run. If you are in an abusive relationship - get out. If you can't get out-report them to other people or the law. You are wasting your life so try to go towards people and activities that make you feel fulfilled and happy.
10)Spend as much time with your children as you can. Buying them (your children) things is not the same as just hanging out with them. Pay attention to the small things that they like. Try to accept them as the valuable people that they are.
11) Wishing for what might have been is silly. Accept what you have and be grateful.
12)Treat your mate in life like gold. Even your Ex, Don't fight over money as relationships are more important.
13)Realize that the world is made to fit all types of people, and everybody has a place somewhere to make a change. To start looking for a tomorrow, you must forget the past. The reasons are more important than the events. When you fight for your happiness, nothing can get in the way.
Now I realize that not all of these fit into my life right now, but I believe they will at some point in my life. When they fit into my life, I will be grateful that I have these guidelines to help me through life. (If you read the steps on the internet, you will see the I have fixed some of the grammar, whoever put it on the webpage obviously didn’t have spell check.. Yikes!)

So my question to YOU is this; “Are you living A Life of No Regrets?”
Next question; what is the Best Advice You've Received?
I really do want to hear from you Readers and Followers…
Cause, I would love to post about the best advice you've received.
Much Love, Kenzie.

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