Monday, June 1, 2009

Cost Rica Trip 2009..

So i'm getting started on my Costa Rica Journal a little late but here it is..
Day 1&2!
our adventure is official started! we left good ol' utah and are headed for the wonderful area of costa rica :) i couldn't wait.. with everything packed up, and ready to go we were off.
Day 1's intell
  • Levi driving to vegas.. i dont know what was worse, the winds or dad yelling in my ear the whole time.. i thought i had it in bad when i started to drive with my dad and mom, well i feel bad for lil buddy. man, i am glad that i am not him.. driving with my dad is well, i dont know how to put this... think of heavy metal screamo at full blast ringing in your ears, and as much as you want to turn it off, the off button is stuck cause of old age. haha yeah, it is no fun!
  • After long security line, we have to do it all again... so we finally arrived at the Las Vegas Airport, got all our baggage checked in, waited in the long security check point line, only to find out we had been given the wrong tickets, and we had to do it all again.. so dad and levi went down and got the tickets and we waited in the long line for what seemed like eternity. so now we wait, and wait, oh yeah and wait some more.. since dad forgot that vegas is one hour behind utah.. excuses excuses,, he used his old age.
  • 2:45 flight to Houston, Texas.. No Sleep, Now 23 Hours.. so i got the horrible end of the deal on this one.. levi sat in the middle next to some random guy. he fell asleep on me, of course.. so i couldn't sleep.. yay for a all nighter!
  • Houston Airport, haha this was comical! there was 8 teenage boys from the same flight we were on that were on our flight to Costa Rica. so all of them crashed on the floor and so did the 4 of us, until we were woken up by the speaker saying it was time to board our flight. so that checks off my sleeping in an airport.. just something on my list of things to do.
  • Chelsey, the student that got the oppurtunity to study aboard. so i sat next to this girl named chelsey. kansas state junior. pre med. coming to costa rica for 9 weeks to finish her spanish minor, and get to experience costa rica.. what an oppurtunity. we talked for most of the plane ride till we both crashed. couldn't believe the stories that we shared about life. amazing when you meet someone who really is interested in knowing what it is like to meet someone that lives in a different place and whats to know all about it.
  • Arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica. after spending forever getting the car.. which was this ugly blue mini van, and off the wall crazy costa rica traffic. we were on our way to manuel antonio. the drive was nice till we got to the bridge.. the bridge is scary.. just imagine a one way metal bridge that consits of metal and wooden planks as the only was across to the other side.. and that isn't even the scary part.. after waited 30 mins to cross.. cars were dodging out of nowhere, huge coke trucks and everything else dodging for spots to get across in the front.. we were so close to the people next to us that i could roll down my window and be face to face with the driver next to me.. i thought we were going to be ran over for sure. but luckily mom got pissed off enough to just take it and go!
  • Sleep. Hotel. Yay. first after we got everything in the room we went for dinner. our favorite place had turned horrible, no more craving that food forsure!

Day 2!

  • Sleeping in... and sleeping some more.. the day started late.. but oh well.
  • shower! the shower is so big in here, it is even bigger than my shower at home.. i swear you could fit like 20 people in there. or like 4 twin beds.. it is that big! and water squirts everywhere at you. i kinda felt that i was at a water park with lots of little kids and squirt guns.. definetly going to use the nice bath tub from now on.
  • beach food. so we found this little restraunt at the beach.. wow is that food good! we are for sure going back. again, and again, and again.
  • beach treasures, we walked around and found this guy that was hand painting shirt. they were so cute. we bought 4 of them. for little kids we love to spoil rotten!!
  • back to the house to relax.. i sat down and started reading my new book.. its called lockdown, wow is this book intense.. i sat down and read 100 pages in one sitting, saying alot for mckenzie and a book.
  • dinner :) good ol' tico food. rice, bean, tortilla, and chicken! the best!
  • off to bed! night night

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