Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 12!

So today was an extreme lazy day! I mean extremely lazy day! None of us really felt like doing anything so we slept in late, then ate peanut butter pancakes, how i love my peanut butter pancakes. After that we just kinda stayed around the hotel and watched a movie and read a little. Then 1 o'clock came around we decided that we would go get Juancho from the pier and hang out with him. Mom had wanted to find this doctor down here to do acupuntura, or how ever you spell it.. One of the local ladies that she got talking with recommended it to her. So once we meet up with Juancho, we ate lunch. I had the best chicken fingers ever! The sauce that came with it was amazing! it was like a honey mustard something, yummy! We walked around looking for this doctors office, totally got lost. Thank goodness that we had Juancho with us, or we would of been totally goners. He spoke with some people and we finally came across the place, no wonder we couldn't find it; it had no signs what so ever. It was just a regular house with nothing to say that it was a doctors office, i'm not even sure you could consider it an office. It was two rooms in an apartment of his house that he used to do the treatment. So 3o mintues later she was done and we decided to come back to the hotel, Juancho wanted to watch a movie. He doesn't get to watch very many movies down here in costa rica. All the local theaters are atleast an hour away, man i couldn't handle that. I love going to the movies on the weekends! So my family watched Felon, I was more into my book. I was almost done with it, and when i get hooked on a book well all i want to do is read it. I have read so many books while i am down here, which is not like me. I hardly have time for books, and here i am on vacation and i have read 5 books so far and i am going to start my other book soon. It was time for Juancho to go home, so Levi and Dad drove him to his house while me and mom stayed at the house and cleaned up a bit. Then it was off to bed. Nighty night y'all!

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