Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 7

Beach Day!

it was a perfect day to spend at the beach. so the family took the bus down to manuel antonio beach, the bus trip is such an adventure haha.. we just walked around looking at some of the litte shops for a while and then we just enjoyed the sun, soakin it up! i love the beach. after the beach we came back and got ready to go to the friday farmers market. its really cool, tons of local farmers gather on this open dirt lot in the middle of town and bring tons and tons of fresh fruit and vegtables. we got the best fruit ever, they are these red/orange pooky balls that have a white thing inside. if you take the peel off the grape and it has just that white thing left over, that is what the inside of this fruit looks like. it look odd, for sure; but it is seriously so good! not long after we had gotten a few things it started to rain, and when it rains in costa rica it pours. it was coming down so hard on the way back to the hotel we couldn't keep the rain off the windshield long enough to see through a wave of water. for dinner we breaded up some fish and had the best fish that i have had in a long time; but of course i was more interested in the celery and carrots...dumb cravings haha.. oh we found the coolest thing lime squeezer today at the market. it looks like one of those things that you put an onion or egg in too slice, but it squeezes all the juice out of the lime without making it go into your eyes. its awesome!! we love it, especially since we love our lime juice, haha. well we are watching forever young as a family, freakin awesome movie!! watch it! i'll put up pictures later that i took out at the beach today, i cant find my cord at the moment. alright peace out y'all! nighty nighty

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