Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4&5

Day 4...
I experience my very first massage today, by a massage therapist that is. I am definently hooked on them, they freakin relax you so much. After that i just really enjoyed the down time we had at the hotel. Spending most of the time i had outside in the sun, soaking it up that is for sure. Once my parents returned from their massages (since i was the first to go) me and dad fixed dinner.. shrimp and noodles, even though mom and levi dont like them; me and dad enjoyed shrimp that were huge! seriously huge! They were so delicious though, one thing that is for sure, i will be getting more of those before i leave!!! yummy! I sat outside as the sun was going down. I have really enjoyed having the porch we have at the hotel, its awesome!

Day 5...
There wasn't anything really special about today. We decided to go into town and get some thread that my mom needed at a local store, then we went to the pier as we waited for one of our friends to get off from his job. Juancho, is our very good friend that my parents met while they came here in '96. We have stayed extremely good friends ever since.. well after waiting on the pier for about 30 mins all the guys from his boat came up the walk way to where we were, but there was no Juancho.. where was he? I started talking to one of his friends, Christopher is his name. Juancho had the day off today, haha just our luck huh? We stayed a while though and talked to Christopher. I got invited to go and watch the USA VS. COSTA RICA at one of the local places, haha and then he asked my family if we all wanted to go... As soon as we got into the car my whole family kept making fun of me, saying i had a date. I thought it was funny, but i had no intentsions of going. It was just a fun relaxing day, not too busy busy.. I couldn't wait for tomorrow though, we were going snorkeling!! My favorite

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