Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 10

I was woke up this morning to the clancking sounds of pots and pans, levi and dad had decided to make breakfast and this is always a loud effort. We had so much food to eat, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. It sure was good though, levi makes awesome hashbrowns! He is really good at cooking, any girl will be lucky with him! So at breakfast we decided to go down to Jaco today. Jaco is a town that use to be super small, but now is growing faster than anything. It use to be just a surfer town, now it has five star resorts and high rises there. I cant believe it is the same place that is use to be when we would come so many years ago. We drove down to the beach and watched the surfers for a while and then decided to go over to their marina. The marina is located in a resort called "Los Suenos". This resort is actually more like a good size village, including golf coarses and lots of gated communities in it. It is absolutely beautiful! Down on the marina pier we walked around. They have all of these shops that we went into, they were of course like so expensive. We decided to eat in a sushi and asain restraunt for lunch, it wasn't badly priced and it was very good. The salad kinda had a citrus taste to it, but the waiter told me that it didn't contain any orange in it. I am allergic to orange citrus, so i had to make sure. I had sushi and then i ate some of levi's chicken. It was really good, on the way home though i got all shaky and extremely light headed. We had decided to stop in a town called Paritta and look at some of the shops, in one of the shops i actually got so light headed that i had to sit down on the floor cause i was going to fall over. That was it for me, i knew i was sick and i needed to lay down and i needed to get my allergy medication in me or something fierce. When my mom saw how white i was she knew something was wrong, so we got in the car and drove back to the hotel. I didn't even make it twenty minutes before i throwing my guts up and i didn't stop for a while. It was horrible but i had to get that stuff out of my system. Mom drove fast back to the hotel, just in time to get me to the medication and i decided i need to sit in a cold tub to take me heat from my body down. I layed down after a while and fell fast asleep. When i woke up it was already dark outside, but i was hungry and craving something sweet. I wanted a freakin pina colada, haha. Me and Levi decided to walk down the road a little ways, and then when we were about out the door Dad wanted to come at the last minute. So we went down to the restraunt and had a pina colada and nachos, odd combination but it so hit the spot! After that i was so ready for bed, i crashed the second that i hit my pillow. night night y'all. I took lots of pictures and i am going to post them seperate then the writting.

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