Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 13!

Spa Day!

This was a day i was looking forward too! I was going to be pampered and totally relaxed for 2 whole hours, yay! I was getting a wrap treatment and then an hour long massage. I was beyond excited! So when we got to the spa they had us take off our shoes outside and put them in what they called the wood house. After that they told us who our massage people were and lead us down the stairs, where this tribal type music was playing. Not going to lie, it was extremely wierd and kinda annoying. After i was laying down she put this oily gritty stuff on me, i thought it was suppose to be mud? oh well. then i got wrapped up in a plastic and a foil blanket, it got so freakin hot! but it sure felt good. Then she started doing this facial, man did some of that stuff really stink and some of it really kinda burned. Then she put this hot towel on my face and forgot to leave me a hole to vent, i thought i was going to die. My hands were all wrapped up and i couldnt do anything. I was afraid to try and shake it off cause all of this stuff on my face, i didn't want it to go into my eyes. so i sat there until the lady came back and realized that she forgot to leave me a while and fixed it, thank goodness i was saved. haha. anyways she started to take out my hair and put all the oily gritty stuff all over in my hair. So i was sure hoping they were going to have a shower and let me get it out! That would sure be nasty if they didn't. Thankgoodness after the wrap treatment she lead me to the bathroom and had the shower read for me. After trying forever to get that gunk out of my hair i gave up, i knew i had better shampoo at the hotel. So i combed out my hair and i went back to the room. Now i was ready for my relaxing massage, and that it was! It felt so good and i sure didn't want it to end! I actually fell asleep till she told me to roll over, haha. She laughed cause when she woke me i kinda was startled alittle and i jumped a tad bit. After the spa was all over me and mom started to walk back to the hotel, it wasn't a long distance. We were starving so we decided to stop for some nachos at agua azul, the place that has the best pina coladas in town! As we were finishing up it started to rain, rain isn't a good word for it, it started to pour and it was coming down fast! Mom wasn't happy, but i love the rain! Just then Dad and Levi to get mom, cause she had another appointment with that doctor person. Levi decided that he would stay home, he didn't care to sit outside in the rain while mom was getting her treatment. Me and Levi decided to walk home, since the rain had let up just a little bit. On the way back we past Cafe Milagro, they have really good carrott cake. I decided to get a piece to go. The whole 5 minutes that we were in there and walked back out, it was horrible outside. It was pouring so hard and we still had a little ways back to the hotel, so we walked and we walked fast. I was dripping with water by the time that we had gotten back to the hotel, it was crazy how wet i got in like 10 minutes. I got into the shower to get the rest of that gritty stuff out of my hair and then i sat down with levi to watch some tv. Not long after mom and dad came through the door and mom was sick. She is always sick, its hard. So we just stayed around in the hotel. Around 7 we decided to go out for a light dinner and a pina colada, Agua Azul for the second time that day, haha. I told the waiter to order me something good. He came out with something that looked like a pina colada but it didn't taste like it. It was called Guavanana or something, but it was so good! Well it was back to the hotel and i couldn't sleep, i was in for a long life and i could tell. I was up half the night tossing and turning, but finally got to sleep and was woke up early to the loud noise outside my window, and for once it wasn't my dad, haha. Well nighty night y'all, hoping tomorrow isn't going to be a rainy day. i wanna go to the beach :) again

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