Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 9!

San Isidro today! i love going up to that city, they have awesome shops and the best bakerys. after the long drive on the horrible dirt road and the drive up the long windy hill side we made it to San Isidro, only to have every shop closed because it was sunday. i was so sad, after that long trip and pretty much getting car sick, everything just had to be closed. so we decided to go to mcdonalds and get french fries and fruit parfea things.. there mcdonalds is so much better than the ones back in america. so after that we drove around for a bit looking for something that was open, we came across a few store that weren't worth our time and the best bakery in the city was open! Yay! so we spent some time picking out some things before getting back on the road. we stopped in domicial and had some lunch. we picked a restraunt that we had been to before, we always just got typical tico food but i wanted a salad. i wish now that i would have just gone with what i use to have because the salad well was horrible, it nasted old and nasty. we got on the road after the site of andres twice, luckily we never made vocal contact with him. i was thankful for that. we made our way back home and then had a big bowl of cereal for dinner. night night...

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