Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 8

I woke up to the smell of french toast, oh my favorite. After breakfast mom wanted to go down to one of the local beauty salons and get a pedicure, i wasn't in the mood to sit in the salon while she got them done so i stayed at the house. I decided that it was a good time to start my new book, wrongly accused. I was excited, next thing i know i am so involved into the book and it was already noon, i had read almost half of the book, and man was i hungry. Right then the family walked through the door and wanted to go down to this italian place in town that we had been told to go to. so we loaded up and headed down to the restraunt, as we sat down i could't help but smell the delicious aroma that surrounded us.. i couldn't wait, it smelt soooo good! me and dad ordered the lasana and mom got pesto and levi got his normal, noodles and butter with cheese of course. the lasana wasn't that great, the meat had a weird taste to it. I ended up eating some of levi's and some of mom's while dad finished off my half. After lunch we decided to walk around to some local shops; i got a cute yellow tank top and board shorts at this roxy/billabong kinda place, two jewlery boxes at another little store, and just walked around a bunch looking at other things. i forgot to get extra money or i would have bought these really cute bright yellow shoes. I was in this store and my mom wanted me to try on these pants, even though i didn't have money at the time. well my dad walked in as i was showing mom and he liked them alot, so he decided that he wanted to get them for me; i love my dad :) As we were walking back to the car we found this frog on a window well, it looks so different that i just had to get a picture. You know me, the camera fanatic. We decided to head up to the hotel, and of course we get stuck behind a scooter. I swear lately everytime we go up the hill to our hotel we get stuck behind a scooter or a dump truck, it sucks cause the hills are really steap and so its hard to drive the car behind something that is going sooooooo slow. when we got to the hotel, finally, we were all exhausted. My brother had gotten a cake and so he decided to make it, i love the smell of cake cooking. we had dinner and then i got into the shower. i love the shower here. it has 3 nozzles, and so it hits my back while it hits my head, its awesome! we all decided on tokyo drift as the movie for the evening and then we were off to bed! night y'all.

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