Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 3

i woke up today and said, i cant believe it is already June.
this year has just gone by so fast.
as is was sitting on a chair is morning looking out over the jungle and the sea i just had to take a picture or two.. it is so beautiful here. i cant believe how different it is from home. everything is so green and fresh and lively..
so today we had decided to take some of the sheets, scrubs, and lab coats that we had brough with us to the local visiting home that is just outside of town.. my parents had been there before, but this was my first time. as i walked in and saw this facility my heart just broke. the people who run it get absolutely no help from the goverment to take care of these people who are in such need of constant care. as we were giving them the gifts that we brought, it is amazing to see how much the appreciate the kindness of such a simple thing. they are in such need of something we take for grant. things that cost hardly pennies to us, are so hard for them to afford. it is amazing the feeling you get when you are able to see the faces of the people who are in such need of help. it really makes me gratful for the family that i have, and the hearts that they posses. i am extremely grateful for everything i have. after that we went to the local grocery store to get
some food for the house and then to the bakery. ah the bakery, i sure do love that place :)
off to the house for lunch and so down time.. i took some time to spend it down by the pool and then took a extremely relaxing bubble bath, oh did that feel good!
so i am just sitting here as the sun is setting on the porch of the house. it is so beautiful out here. i love the weather, but wish the darn bugs would go away and stop bitting me.. i could 17 bug bits so far on my legs, darn bugs.. just love the taste of my skin..well off for the night, going to eat some shrimp and dinner :)

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