Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 14! The day paradise ends and reality will soon set in...

Friday! I usually am saying, yay its friday, time for the weekend! Instead i'm saying, uuuhhhh friday, that means i have to leave Manuel Antonion tomorrow and drive the 3 1/2 hours to San Jose; but yay for shopping in San Jose! It is still sad to leave the beautiful jungle and the beach, i love this place! I wish i could just get me a sugar daddy who can put me up in a nice hotel and beable to come here alot! haha, yeah not happening! So today we all got up early cause mom left the window open to her shower last night. Well this is how the story went. Just as the sun was starting to come through the windows we are jumped out of our beds due to the extremely loud slam of the door in mom and dads bedroom.. well the window open and the breeze slammed the door waking us all up early and scaring up to death!! So we were up for the day, we lounged around for a bit because it started pouring around nine when we were all ready to go out and do something for the day. So we decided to let the rain pass and then we would either go to the beach or we would go find something else to do.. I wanted to go to the beach, but then again i love the beach and wouldn't turn down the sun. I sadly haven't gotten much of it since we have been here due to the rain and not being able to stay outside for long periods of time. Its ok though, i have perfect sun weather to go home too and get a great sun tan! So when the rain finally let up around noonish we packed up our stuff and were on our way to the beach! Levi surfed for about 2 hours and then was ready to take a shower, so he and dad left to go to the hotel to shower and then were coming back. Levi didn't want to rise off at the ones that they had around the beach, he said he wanted a real shower! haha! well me and mom stayed on the beach and just enjoyed our iced tea, books, and sun! I sure do love relaxing at the beach:) so when it was time to go we got everything packed up in the car and then we decided to walk around for alittle bit cause mom wanted to look for a wrap, and i really wanted a henna tattoo before we left. I've been really debating getting one lately (a real one) but man i'm freaked out of needles! well as we were starting to walk around we ran into dad and levi, they had just gotten off the bus from the hotel. Perfect timing or what?? Dad wanted some nachos so we went to a restraunt and got him some nachos. Then we went looking for a wrap and Me, Mom, and Levi all got tats! Mine is a 4 left clover on the bottom part of my stomach! I like it, that is what i wanted anyways.. but it had a little more to it (the real one i wanted). We got into the car and headed back to the hotel, can i tell you how hard it is for you to ride in a car when you have a henna on the bottom part of your stomach, cause your not suppose to lie squish it together or let it touch anything, yeah its hard! well back at the hotel we started to pull everything out to get all packed up for the trip tomorrow, mom wants to be out of here by 8ish! Ah, not looking forward to it. I dont wanna leave, all though my bed and no bug bites sounds nice. After packing almost everything thing, we were all hungry for dinner. So we decided to walk down to our favorite restraunt, Agua Azul. I ordered the Filet, oh and man was that good. I usually dont order a bit meal when we go out to eat, cause i want something light, but i was starving. I couldn't even finish the whole thing cause it was huge! Oh this guy that was sitting kind behind me, he was soooo cute! Black, extremley clean cut, diamond studs, and this watch he had; it had to of been like 20thousand atleast. Rolex Presidental thing with diamonds everywhere on it and bling blingin.. He had the hottest face, and the prettiest eyes. Dark eyes with long long eye lashes, awwweee dreamy, haha.. anyways after dinner we walked back to the hotel where i got into the shower after putting the last thing into the suit case. Now i am just sittin here in bed, not tired enough to sleep yet, but i needed write about today cause i dont know if i will get internet at hampton inn tomorrow. i hope so, cause i hate using their free computers down stairs. They have the wierdest keyboards here! not going to lie!! but anyways, i probably wont be back on till i arrive home on late tuesday night.. so nighty nighty y'all and talk to you all soon!! I cant believe my awesome vacation is over :( back to reality!

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