Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Friday: So glad your here.


Dear Brother: Thank you for everything you do for me. I honestly have no idea what I would do without you at my side all the time. I am so very grateful that we are as close as we are. I will always be here for you, and know that I love you! I love all the adventures we have had over the years, and I can't wait for the many more we will make in the books for the future. Thanks for enduring all the pictures that I take, like the one above. I just want to document all the fun things we do and the place we go as we grow up. It will be fun to look back at all the things we did. Plus when I finally get my own home, I will plaster them all over the walls. I can promise you that. Muahahaha! Dear Apple: I hate that my iPhone 4 finally had to retire yesterday after having it for over 2 years. However I am in love with my brand new iPhone 5. Plus I got this adorable case to cover you, pretty much in love with it. Dear Neutrogena: I absolutely love your makeup removing towelettes that I purchased at Target a couple of days ago. They make the process of taking all the make-up off my face such a breeze, and they work perfectly with Ponds face cleansing towelettes that I have used for a while now. Just makes the night process so much easier, so thank you.! Dear Swig: Your are completely irresistible.! I love being able to drive right up to the window and get a fix of my raspberry limeades for so flippin cheap. Plus your frequent stamp card makes me love you approx. every two weeks when I get a drink for free..! Yep, love that.! Dear Mother Nature: I know it is April, and you love to go back and forth with your weather options this month. Honestly though, none of us like it. We all secretly, or not so secretly, wish you would just make up your damn mind of what you would like the weather to be like. Cause I can tell you teasing up with amazing 80 degree weather for a whole week and then wham its all a sudden 65 degrees, windy and cold as Jack Frost. Don’t really love that. Dear Salt Lake City: I am so very excited to see your beautiful mountains this weekend, and of course I can not wait to see all my family up there. My beautiful little cousin Emmie is getting baptized and I am so happy to be able to spend the day with her. It is such a beautiful and amazing experience to receive the blessing of a baptism and the companion ship of the Holy Ghost. I am so proud of you Emmie Dear: for making this choice. You are such a beautiful, smart, and caring little girl and you will be amazed at the blessing you will receive once you are baptized. Just remember this: Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you, and they are always there for you when you need it the most. Get on your knees and pray; you will receive your answers and the guidance you need. I love you Emmie. Dear Followers: Have a wonderful, fun, and safe weekend. Until next time Much Love, Kenzie.


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