Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Letters

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: I am so happy that you are here. This week has been such a bad week, and I just am so happy that the weekend is finally here. Dear Weather: I would very much appreciate it if you just stay like this, 80 degrees is a wonderful day. Dear Michael Kors: We have a much love/hate relationship. I love you bags so very much; My wallet on the other hand, doesn't appreciate it. I am so in love with the new Navy and White Nautical looking canvas bag that you have. I think it may need a spot in my closet. Dear Phone: If you die on me, I am going to throw you at a wall. I don't like that you keep going white. If you die, I just might die. I don't want to have to pay to replace you, just not right now. Dear Allergies: You can go away any second now. I am so tired of sneezing and blowing my nose. I sure would appreciate it. Dear Iggy's: I usually love you, but last night you were awful. Sad thing, cause all I wanted was for a good drink. One word; Disappointment. Dear Weekend: Please slow down and take your time while your here. I would love to take in as much of your sunshine this weekend as I possibly can. I am sure that everyone around me would appreciate to not have to stare at the glow of my white skin. Dear Dish: I am missing you more than ever right now, ACM'S this weekend and The Voice is back on. I am so sad that I can't watch it. I will have to live with my NetFlix and Hulu; I guess. Dear Readers: Till next time. Much Love, Kenzie.


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