Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap.

Happy Monday Everyone!
Ugh.. I so didn't want it to be Monday today.
Well here is a what happened this weekend.

One: Laid by the pool for a majority of the day Saturday. Felt amazing. Of course my Kati joined me. Two: Then we went for ice cream! Yep mature ice cream I know. Kati and I decided that B.R. needs to up their game and put circle ice cream in their bubble gum ice cream..
Three and Four: Kati and I went down to Mesquite to enjoy dinner at Katheryn's in the Casablanca and then we came home and had a sleepover..!
Five: Caramel Mocha from Meme's in Springdale.. Came for Breakfast on Sunday!
Six: Strawberry and Banana Crepes from Breakfast. They were delicious and gone in seconds!
Seven through Nine:  Kati, Wyatt, Aubrey, Levi, and Myself spent the rest of the day in Zion's hiking. Such a beautiful place, I love it there. Got some sun, and my nose is now a little on the red side. It was completely worth it. Felt amazing up there!

Best Purchase:  Get Ready, Get Ready, Ok.... Yes I splurged and finally got it! Ooh I love my new purse from Michael Kors. Plus Dillards had this awesome sale that if you brought in an old purse for charity you could receive anywhere from $10-$50 off your purse. So I had to get it of course.!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Striped Marina Grab Bag

Isn't it totally adorable, I think so.

My Uncle Brad got very hurt this last weekend while racing his motorcycle. He will be in the hospital for a long time, and I was just hoping to ask everyone to keep him in your prayers. Send good thoughts his way. We need all the prayers and goodness sent that way.! I love you Uncle Brad, hang in there.

much love, kenzie

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