Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Hello Friday..!
and since its Friday, 
that means its time for Friday Letters.


Dear Readers: I find it so hard to write without such sadness in my heart this week. With all the events that have happened not only in my personal life, but here in America. I am so sad to see the amount of evil that can reside in ones heart. I have a feeling this will be a longer than normal Friday Letter, and most of it will be heartfelt. I have so much on my mind as of this moment in time. Please bare with me.

Dear Boston: I put on my tennis shoes today to show my love and support for your town. I am so deeply sadden to think that this world has such evil in it. It scares me to think of what the future holds for us who still have so much time here on earth, and for the future generations who will endure all of it. Dear Waco: My heart is sadden at your tragic event, and I hope in due time that all lives/families affected by this explosion will receive peace in their heart. Dear God: Please wrap your arms around those who are affected with these tragic events this week. They deeply need to know that you love them and are always there. Especially in a time like this, it is so hard to turn your heart to comfort. Dear Tiffany: The second that I heard about the explosion on Monday, I was so concerned for your safety. I am so glad to hear that you, Rob, and the girls are safe. I heart sank to think that there was even a slight possibility of you and the family being hurt. I am so thankful that you guys are safe and were out of harms way. Dear Ashlee: Tomorrow is the day we lay you down to rest. To see a friend go before their time is so hard to see. I hope that your family will all have the comfort of your arms around them. They all miss you so much, its so hard to see. You went way before we all wish you should have, but at least we can say this; we know you are in a better place and watching over all of us now. Dear Kati: Best Friends mean that I will always be here for you.! No matter what it is. I love you dearly, and after yesterday all I want to do is open a can of whoop ass on a girl. There are so many people who love and care about you, never ever forget that my dear. I am so thankful for you in my life. I hope that you know that no matter the time, day or night, I am always just a phone call or drive away. Dear Family and Friends: I just wanted to take some time and thank you all for being in my life. After this all this weeks events it make me thankful for the wonderful people who I have. I wouldn't be here in the place that I am without all of you. I wish I could wrap my arms around each and every one of you today, but since some of you are so far away all I can do is just send my love.

These letters are a little on a lighter note..
Dear Iggys: I will be having lunch in your establishment today, and I hope that I am not disappointed like I was last time. Dear Mother Nature: It would be nice if you brought a lot of sunshine this weekend. Zion on sunday would be wonderful if it wasn't on the freezing end of the spectrum. Dear Team Shafted: Good Luck racing this Saturday out at Sand Hallow. I wish I was able to be there, but I am needed else where. I am sorry. But please for all of our sakes, be safe.! Dear Allergies/Cold: I thought I made it clear that I wanted you to go away. If I didn't make it clear enough, here you go. Get your bags and leave, you are not welcome inside of me any longer. 
Dear Readers: I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Until next time.... Much Love, Kenzie.

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