Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happiness, is it in your pocket.?

Happy Hump Day Everyone..
Its that time again for Wednesday Words of Wisdom..

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I recently learned something very important, and really took it too heart. When you aren't happy with life, and happiness isn't easy for you each day. You need to look at your life and start eliminating the negative things in which are bring you down. If there are friends who don't make you feel like your true self, maybe its time to move on and find some new ones. If your love life doesn't make you happy, truly happy, then its time to let that person go. If you need to make a change of life so that you are happy day to day, do it. Once you are happy, your world seems so much lighter and brighter. Things will start to fall into place, and you will realize your smiling more often just because you can. Change happens
for a reason in our lives. We have to learn to let things go, so greater things can take place within our hearts. We have to understand that bad things will happen in our lives, because it will make us appreciate when the good things are there to stay. So do something for me. Make yourself happy. If you seems a little down, take some me time and do what you want to do. Smile because you just want too. Enjoy life, it goes by way to fast. It will be over in a blink of the eye. Today will be gone and we will be faced with the thoughts of yesterday. Tomorrow I am going to text someone who makes me smile, get a raspberry lime aid and a sugar cookie because I can, and maybe do a little shopping. All because I know happiness is worth pursuing and making it present in my everyday life. Happiness guys. Its worth having in your lives. Smile, and have a good day.! Much Love, Kenzie.

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