Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Hello Monday.
Why I am so glad you are here,
not. Ugh, I wanted an extra day.
The weekend just wasn't long enough.
But here is what happened..

Friday: I wore my Tennis Shoes to show my support for Boston. I had the day off, so Kati and I went to lunch at Iggys, Delicious! After I stopped by Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes and got some cupcakes for the girls at the cleaners. Later that night, Kati and I went to see The Place Beyond the Pines. Wasn't what I expected it to be, wasn't my favorite show.

The Place Beyond The Pines poster
The Place Beyond The Pines2The Place Beyond The Pines3

Saturday: I said goodbye to a friend. Little did I know how hard her funeral would be for me. It brought up so many memories of growing up, and made me sad to see her go so soon in life. I know she is in heaven and much better than she was here on earth. Honestly though, it was too soon for that young sweet girl. After the funeral, I worked the rest of the day and wasn't in a mood to do anything. So I came home and engulfed myself in Chicago Fire. Kelly and Casey; mmhmm hotties.! Ok Ok, Peter Mills may or may not catch my eye too..

Sunday: Spend the day in Zion's National Park again. This time though was a bit different. I went up with my brother Levi, cousin Casey, his girlfriend Kelsie, and David who is a friend of mine and Casey's. We had breakfast at Meme's cause of course they had to eat there. Then we rode the bikes up through Zion and then came home. It was a wonderful few hours on the bike. 

It was a good enjoyable weekend..
Till next time.
Much Love, Kenzie.

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  1. Great pictures! I really love the one of the balloons. It'd actually be really nice in our "nursery corner"... we have a balloon theme going. :)

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