Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family Story.

June Blogging Challenge

I really like these blogging challenges, because it always gets my mind rolling. I also don’t mind if I skip a day or two because I have something else that I would rather blog about. That is the beauty of it being my own personal blog. I can do whatever the heck I want too. So here it goes. The June Blogging Challenge.

1.Family story - how did your parents meet, how many brothers/sisters, tell us what you want.
2. What do you drive? What is you dream car?
3. Biggest indulgence
4. Favorite snack?
5. Do you have any pets?
6. Name you picked out for your kids when you were younger. Bonus: share any name ideas you have now
7. You're in labor: drugs or no drugs. Why?
8. If you had a choice - SAHM?
9. How supportive is your SO in your TTC journey?
10. How do you help get yourself (and or SO) get in the mood to DTD during the fertile period?
11. Describe your wedding.
12. Perfect anniversary - describe it.
13. What's the most interesting vacation you have been on?
14. First job
15. First love
16. What did you have for breakfast today? What do you normally have?
17. Do you drink coffee? Cream/sugar/how do you drink your coffee?
18. If your insurance covered infertility treatments at 100%, unlimited attempts - what would you try and for how long?

So I am going to start with the first few and then catch up throughout the month.

[Family Story]
We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. I think that is so true, because through the hardships of life you never know what is coming your way. Then in a miracle, it doesn’t seem to matter; because your family is there by your side and with them you can conquer anything that life throws in your path.
This is how my parents met. Dad and his buddy followed Mom home one night, scaring the crap out of her. Then she realized who it was and called him every name in the book. After that they were inseparable, and married April 10, 1987. Dad had a daughter from his previous marriage, Torie, she was 10 at the time. I came along 2 years later on August 28, 1989. The family moved to St. George from the Salt Lake Valley when I was 2 and opened our family business. My bother came October 1, 1993; 6 weeks before his due date, and was a fighter. So here we are in 2013. Dad (Lynn), Mom (Marilyn), Torie (35), Myself (23), and Levi (19); one big happy crazy funny family.
{Fun Facts about The Spafford's}

(1)     My parents are 14 years apart, and you would never know it. My dad looks soo young for his age.

(2)     Torie, Levi, and Myself are splitting images of my father.

(3)     We all love the lake, travelling, photos, stories, and dessert; and buckle.

(4)     All of us at one point have worked, managed, or owned a part of the family business.

(5)     We all have iPhones except Levi. He is the odd man out.

(6)     When we have something good to share, we practically share it with whoever we can. We get a tad bit excited. Just like my Grandma Spafford would when she would get presents.

(7)     We all LOVE Disneyland and holidays a little too much

(8)     We all have experienced an earthquake in Costa Rica, and everyone except for Mom slept through it.

(9)     Christmas and Birthday are all a little too out done in our house. We love spoiling each other and celebrating.

(10) We all lose things too easily. It’s actually quite hilarious.

The missing additions to our photo are.. Torie, Peanut, Kati, and Schev.
We dont have a picture with Torie and Peanut yet. We are planning on having pictures done soon though. The above picture is from our Crew Photo or our new building.
Kati and Schev, pretty much adopted into the family. Kati = My Bestie, Schev = Levi's Bestie (if i can call him that) even though these two aren't blood, they are part of our family. we love them the exact same and wouldn't imagine family without them.

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