Monday, June 24, 2013

goodbye weekend, hello work week

The first weekend I had off in a month wasn’t all that eventful; which I was grateful for. I really just wanted to relax on Saturday, sleep in and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. That is exactly what I did. I slept in, was lazy all day, I then got ready to go to Mesquite with the family for dinner. Came home, and did nothing once again. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy a day off.
Sunday cam around and I had been planning one of my employees baby shower. I love planning little parties, it’s always fun for me to be able to get all creative and put my mind into event planner gear. I really love doing it. I would do it for a living, if it wouldn’t take every weekend of my year away from me. At the baby shower, I played with McCall. She is our night girls little one, she is absolutely adorable! If you can’t tell for yourself! The faces that she pulls are priceless.. I can’t wait to have a little family of my own someday. I take enough photos of the kids around me, I’m sure I will be one of those Mom’s with a camera in her hand at all times.
After the shower, I headed out to the lake to meet up with my little bro. Him and his friends, it was a fun little short trip. Once we got out there, it took only an hour before it was so windy and choppy that the lake became no fun anymore. So we loaded up, and headed for Café Rio. This place currently has my heart; I am totally craving it all the time. Which is weird, but I hate to admit it; once upon a time I didn’t love Café Rio as much as everyone else. Now I am addicted and want it whenever I can possibly get my hands on it.
I do have something non weekend relevant to share. I have always believed that when you finally start putting your life into the hands of god, and just let him take it where it needs to go. That is when the best things happen. Well, I can finally say that after sometime of trying to get myself on a better track, health and all well. I am smiling for no reason again. I have come to terms with some much in my life, and place what happens in the hands of our father in heaven. I am finally in a happy place, and am currently content with what I am faced with, and what I have gone through in the last few months. Everything happens for a reason right.?

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