Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Spencer: You my Sir are my Knight in Shinning Armor coming to be beauty to every strand of my hair. The things you do with hair color and scissors amazes me, my hair always comes out looking spectacular if I must say. Then too top it off, you tamed my baby brothers hair with out taking any of his hair length off. At least any that he could tell... You my Spencer, are Heaven Sent.! Dear Brooks: Mary Poppins Wednesday night at Tuacahn was absolutely amazing.! I am so grateful that you choose me to accompany you to the show. It was spectacular, as always cause Tuacahn is simply perfection in my book. Dear Jimmy Johns:  I am not very happy with you this week. I love your sandwiches soo much, but this week I got really sick off of one. Now I am scared to order stuff from your establishment again. Dear Summer: I am so happy that you are fully here, even though it is 100+ degrees outside; I enjoy your sunshine and the activities I get to participate in while your season is in full swing. Dear Car: We will be parting soon, even though I am extrememly sad to see you go, I can't wait to be able to be in my truck. I truly do love my car, and I really am having a hard time thinking about letting it go. Why can't I just make lots of money, so I can afford both of them. Though, your black interior and exterior is killer in this heat. Dear Revenge: I finally have caught up to the end of Season 2, and I am so extremley shocked to see what happened to Declan. The show will just not be the same without you, and I am so sad for Charolette. Aweee.. Why do I get so attached to shows..? Dear Pretty Little Liars: I am sooooo happy your back, and of course I watched the Season Finale. What the heck, A Pig.! The phone in the casket. The American Girl look alike dolls.! Red Jacket.! Mona, stop playing games; either your friends with the girls or not.! Fitz, so dreamy. Why do you have to be back at Rosewood.? Why can't you just keep sneaking around with Aria. You guys are so adorable together. Yes, I know its bad that your her teacher and all, but who doesn't love a bad boy. Mhmmmm.. I do.! Ahhh, I get so sucked into that show.. and yes, I hate waiting each and every week for.! End of Story. Dear Followers: I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to play out in the beautiful sunshine, if mother nature will play in your favor in whichever city you reside in. Have fun, Be safe, and Capture your weekend moments. Kenzie.

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