Friday, June 21, 2013

friday's letters

Friday has finally arrived everyone.
I don’t know about anyone else,
Seemed like this week took forever to go by.
I am so happy that the weekend has finally come,
I finally get a whole weekend off.
Hasn’t happened for me in a while.

Friday means,
I am linking up with Ashley

Dear Followers: most of you already know that summer is by far my favorite season. Have I told you why though? The days are long and the nights are short. The sun kissed look of the people who surround me; laughter in the children’s voices, as they play at the splash pads; the spontaneous adventures that you have with your friends; summer outfits, swimsuits, water, and drinks; and of course snow cones, ice cream, iced tea, iced coffee, slurpies, and lime-aids. There is nothing better than the fun activities that come along with the warm weather of summer. No better memories, then the ones made at the lake, beach, summer vacations, and long nights. One of the reason’s I enjoy working so hard, is so that when summer comes around; I can enjoy it. I love being able to take in the outside weather as much as I possibly can. So when I get a chance to leave work early, or take a day off; you can bet I will jump at the opportunity of doing so. Just so I can have myself a little summer fun. So here is too summer fun.! Cheers everyone, have a wonderful weekend!

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