Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CMT Music Awards: Part 1

Lets start with the Bad and Blah..

Lisa Marie Presley and Husband Michael Lockwood
Sorry, you both look horrible.
Hate it all.
"Dog" and his wife Beth
I don't even know where to start.
I don't think anything will look good with those breast.
But I think he may of been able to pull oh his outfit,
with some dark jeans.
Just too much mono-chromatic color combination going on there.
Sheryl Crow
This dress is just not right for you.
End of Story.
Laura Bell Bundy
Sorry I have NO idea who you are,
someone please tell me.
This dress just isn't cute at all,
For any occasion in my book.
This isn't a good award show outfit.
Maybe a club outfit, or going out.
Honeslty, what were you thinking.
No go home and change.
You have enough money to afford something decent.
Dustin Lynch
I really like your outfit, it looks so good.
But you hate just throws it all off,
Maybe black would of been a better choice
Hunter Hayes
Boy oh Boy
You are cute, kind of short, but cute
I love the classy laid back outfit,
but you need a nicer pair of shoes pronto
Carrie Underwood
My Dear you are Beautiful,
This color is Gorgeous,
The shoes need to be nude,
and I wish this wasn't a suit.


  1. Laura bell bundy was the original Elle woods in legally blonde the musical on broadway. Then she got a record deal doing country music.

    1. Thank you.. I honestly had no idea and was too lazy to look it up .!

  2. Oh boy Im telling Pnut you dissed her Lisa Marie Presley!!!

    1. Go Ahead... You have to agree with me Torie. She looks horrible.