Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday

Hello Lovelies!

Are you excited as I am that it is Friday.? I ecstatic to sleep in a little tomorrow and catch up on all the little crafts that I have planned out for this adorable baby shower that I am hosting next weekend.
I am linking up with Christina on this beautiful Friday morning for a little 5 on Friday.

I have been addicted to this song ever since it streamed across the radio and hit my soul. I melted. Loved it! Who couldn’t though, honestly.. with Lyrics like this
Back when that song was a song
I could sing along without thinkin bout you every time it came on
Every beat, every line, every word, every time
When a road was a road
I could roll on through without wishin that empty seat was you
Money was gas, dreams were dust
Love was fast and we were us
& Keith with Miranda’s voice together,, pure harmony.
 I love when all the fall flavors come on to the menu at Starbucks. Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel,, who wouldn’t fall in love with fall with a single taste on your lips.

Tuesday was a celebration of 20 years for Levi. It is still so hard to believe that my little brother, who isn’t so little anymore, is 20 years old. Man that makes me feel old.! We celebrated with the family on Wednesday night in Mesquite, NV at Katherine's. Seriously an amazing restaurant.
Halloween is in T-Minus 27 days. What is the world am I going to be..? Possibly Shutterbug (aka Quinn) from One Tree Hill.. She is one hot superhero.! You know its true!
With Halloween right around the corner and Thanksgiving not further behind.. I can’t help but get excited for all the adorable nail ideas I am seeing on Pinterest. It’s sad how excited they get me.


  1. those nails are SWEET!!! ahhh! new fall obsession that i haven't seen yet...AWESOME!

    following you now after finding you on the linkup..YAY!!!


    1. I am obsessed with nail designs! I have so many awesome ones on my pinterest page, if you wanted to check them out!
      thank you for following.. I wanted to email you back, but you don't have an email attached to your blogger for reply emails.. :(


  2. Hi! Stopping by from the link up!! Love that Miranda and Keith song!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am on my way over to your page now,, love finding new blogs to read (:
      There is just something about that song,, it had be instantly!