Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy Friday
Are you as happy as I am that Friday is finally the day on your calendar.? Today,, is going to be a good day. I finally get to put my Halloween costume on and use the heck out of it. Dancing the night away! I am going to do a little Confessional Friday, this beautiful Friday morning. & it’s all about the Love/Hate Relationship I have with Single Life. As of,, a couple days ago. Enjoy.
p.s. I wanna hear your love/hate reasons for single, taken, married, separated, or whatever life.

10 Reasons: Why I like being single..
1-      I get to do whatever I darn well please
2-      I don’t always have to shave my legs.
3-      I can go out and flirt with whomever my heart desires.
4-      Going to bars. Hello, bring on the free drinks.
5-      After a long day of work, I don’t have to come home and clean up after someone.
6-      I don’t have to worry about falling in the toilet in the morning, cause someone left it up.
7-      I can have Mac and Cheese four nights in a row if I want.
8-      I can shop whenever I want & not have to hide it.
9-      Hello to sleeping in PJ’s and not Victoria Secret or Frederick’s lingerie.
10-   Best Thing: I can have the girls sleep over whenever I want.

10 Reasons: Why I hate being single..
1-      Spontaneous adventures aren’t as fun alone.
2-      Valentine’s Day is a day to point out all the single people.
3-      I get all dressed up and pretty for what. Possibilities.
4-      Sleeping alone is over-rated.
5-      No one to snuggle with.
6-      Dinner for one. Dumb.
7-      One way conversations can be awkward.
8-      I love buying present. Boyfriend = Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day Excitement.
9-      Selfie’s get old really fast.
10-   Looking at cute couples,, makes me wanna throw a plate of food at them.

Last Confessions:

and because...

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.
much love, kenzie.

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