Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall is in the Air..

Happy Hump Day,, Everybody.!
I am so excited that it is Wednesday,, because two days down in the week and a couple more till Friday.! Which always excites the soul.! You can’t deny that it doesn’t excite your soul at least a little too.!
This is the first time that I am linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday and I won’t lie, I am kind of excited to do it. I love just random blog posts that are about a bunch of rambling nonsense.. & please bear with me if I start rambling like an old lady in church.
Lets talk about David today;
David is one of my best friends
He is an avid hunter
He takes amazing photos.
plain & simple.
 The Salt Lake Valley has been hit with fall,, and I am jealous. You will understand why too. Look at these amazing photos that David captured within the last little while.
So there you have it folks,,
Now you understand the jealous I am having within me right this second
I love fall, I love the change of leaves, I love the brisk morning air, I love pumpkins, I love Halloween, I love scarecrows, I love the beauty that fall brings to this world.
Happy Wednesday Everyone,,
Much Love, Kenzie.

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