Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eye Candy.

Happy Thursday Everyone.
I hope you are all enjoying your day,, I haven't had much time to work on this post today. Late post is better than no post;; right.? So its time for a little celebrity gossip.
topic: 50 Shades of Grey.
Just a shy 12 days after Charlie Hunnam stepped down from playing the role of Christian Grey, they have found someone else to step into the shoes and fulfill our fantasies. Ladies,, contain yourself. Gah, he is gorgeous! Jamie Dornan.
Now tell me he doesn’t fit your fantasy of Mr. Christian Grey,, to perfection.
"Holy cow—he's so young." Young.
"So young—and attractive, very attractive. He's tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes that regard me shrewdly." So young – and attractive, very attractive. Tall. Tousled Copper Hair. Bright Gray Eyes.
"He smiles, revealing perfect white teeth. I stop breathing. He really is beautiful. No one should be this good-looking." Perfectly white teeth.
"His voice is warm, possibly amused, but it's difficult to tell from his impassive expression. He looks mildly interested but above all, polite." Warm and Polite.
 Okay girls, let’s get ourselves together. "He really is very, very good-looking. It's unnerving." Jesus, Girl, hold it together.. He is just on a movie screen in front of you. With his shirt off; doing naughty, naughty things.
Haha,, okay. Seriously though, isn’t he gorgeous? I think he fits the image of what I have in my mind for Mr. Christian Grey, to perfection.
 your welcome.

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  1. Holy shit!!!!!!! He is GORGEOUS and I'm