Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Shenangian's

Happy Monday Ladies and Gents.!
Ha,, Should I Say Happy.
I mean it is Monday, after all.
Anyways,, I hope you all had a good weekend!
Mine was, well kinda of boring.
With that said, Lets link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans.
Every October rolls around and that means its Marathon time for St. George.
I hate the Marathon though, because it traps me at home until like 12-1 or later in the afternoon.
I always feel like I have so much stuff to do on the weekend the Marathon is in town too.
But,, it brings a huge amount of money to our city and so I cant complain about the amount of help it does for our economy here in Southern Utah.
So while I was stuck at home in the morning, I finished a majority of the projects I have planned for the baby shower I am hosting this weekend. Then off to work, Ashlynne's Birthday Party, and dinner with Kati and Levi.

Sunday Kati and I had some breakfast, ran few errands together, did a little shopping.
The morning have been a bit brisk. It was so nice to finally be able to wear my new beanie.
I got them from Forever 21 and I am in love.
I finished off the day with some dinner/lunch with the bro and Ashton.
Then home to Nip/Tuck, which I have been obsessed with lately.


All in All.. Boring Weekend
Oh well this weekend is full of events and excitement.
So hurry up week and end,
So I can go fishing and eat yummy food at the shower!
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday
Much Love, Kenzie.

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