Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Have you ever thought what your dreams could possibly mean? I have some of the most off the wall random dreams. The kind where you wake up, wondering where in the hell did that come from. Supposedly dreams are a reflection of what is on your mind. I get the ex-boyfriend stuff and your family or friends, but what about people that you haven’t seen in years or even thought about. What about random adventures, falling, running, or being chased. Cause you betcha I have had all those kind of dreams. I have always been interested in trying to figure out if they actually mean something though.
So this is what the Dream Mood Dictionary says about my dreams:
Free Falling: did you know the popular myth for falling is that if you don’t wake up before you hit the ground you will die.? Well, I am sure that isn’t true. So, it says that falling dreams often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority. You have lost your foothold on life and you are insecure about the future of it, you feel like you’re going to fail. I get into low parts of life when I feel like I have lost myself or my footings. This makes perfect sense as to why I would dream about free falling in a time where I feel like I am failing or losing my foothold on something.
Adventures: Are you bored in life? To dream of adventures or that you are an adventurer is a reflection that you are lacking adventure in your life. You crave excitement and variety. OR it could mean that you are too self absorbed in your ambition and have forgotten about the people along the way who have helped you get to your standing now. I guess I am craving excitement and adventure in my life.
Running: Avoiding something in your life. Running away from something, not someone is a reflection that you are trying to avoid something in your life. You need to realize the significance of what you are running towards, because that could be your determination. But if you are running and you can’t run fast enough then you are lacking from self-esteem or self-confidence. Running is such a common thing for me in my dreams. I vary from the kind of running, so avoiding something or someone is very common feeling for me. I also deal with a lack of self-confidence when I feel like I am losing grip on myself. Such common things in my life that I deal with.
Being Chased: is a reflection that you are avoiding a situation that you don’t think you can conquer. If an animal is chasing you: unexpressed and unacknowledged anger; person: difficult goal or task in which you are avoiding; but if you are enjoying be chased then you like being the object of desire. This is so close to running for me, avoiding a task or goal in which I don’t think I can conquer.
Ex-Boyfriends: This is such a large range of reasons to why an ex would appear in your dreams. The most common is 1) you have finally let go of the feelings you embraced with that person 2) they have an emotional hold on you or 3) you compare yourself to their new partner.  I have had a lot of different dreams in this department, because I know that I was hurt so bad in my last relationship. I know that I still harbor emotions in which are hard to let go, because I am scared of being hurt. So moving on and excepting what happened was a very hard thing for me to do. These kind of dreams make perfect sense to me because of what I went through and the emotion that was embraced during the healing.
Acquaintances from the past: represents aspects of yourself that you are still trying to get to know. You are either refusing to accept certain things about yourself or you are trying to understand who you are. You are always soul searching, so to see an acquaintance is a very common thing in your dreams. Learning to understand the person in which stands before me; impressive. Makes complete sense though.

Isn’t it interesting as to what your mind can come up with while you are dreaming.?
I sure think so.!
Happy Dream Ya’ll.!

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