Monday, November 25, 2013

Jubilee of Trees

Kati, Angie, and I attended the local Jubilee of Trees Festival this weekend. There is nothing that will put you quite in the spirit of Christmas like it. Your surrounded by all things Christmas; Trees, Wreaths, Cookies, Candies, Gingerbread Houses, Arts & Crafts, Decorations, Trains, Music, Dancers and of course Santa. I get so excited each and every year when the festival is held. It just makes me want to run home and put up the Christmas Tree. I love it.! Plus, Hello, all the ideas that I get. Maybe, its more deadly then I think... eek.! Anyways, Jubilee of Trees is a Foundation that raises money for our local hospital. Each year they pick a different part of the hospital to raise money for and this year was the Advance Trauma Care. They are hoping with the proceeds from this festival our hospital will be raised to a Level II for Trauma Care. That way no one in Southern Utah will have to be sent elsewhere for their trauma care needs. They will be able to get all the help and support they need, right here at home. I believe it is an amazing foundations and I love supporting it, even if I go to really put myself in the Holiday Spirit. So worth it.!
Here are my favorite trees from this year. Hard to Pick eh.?
 and of course you can't forget about the picture of us girls, you know we took some, duh.

Happy Monday,,

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  1. That sounds like soo much fun!! And I love that they're raising money for such a good cause! I was just telling my boyfriend yesterday I wish we had something EXACTLY like that closer to us!! So much fun!