Thursday, November 7, 2013


November has to be one of my favorite times of the year. I think it is because it is really the true start of the Holiday season. Signs of holiday joy are always popping up through out the month. You start thinking and shopping for all the special people in your life. Best of all, I get to see all my family numerous times through out the next couple of months. I absolutely love the feeling and joy that the holiday season brings to me. Also, November is the time of the year where people actually think about the things in their lives that they have to be grateful for.! Even though we have something to be grateful for each and everyday of our lives. Anyways,, I thought it be appropriate to write down a few things each Thursday of what I am thankful for. So if you would like to join along with me, email me and I will throw a little link thing on my page next week. Love to have you join along!

-ONE- Family. I don't know what I would ever do without my family. They are the supporting rock that keeps me grounded and the wings that keep my spirits high. I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful and supporting family. I know through thick and thin we will always be there for one another and the support that each other needs to fall into.
-TWO- Friends. It is never the quantity of friends, but the quality of friends that makes friendship wonderful.  I can truly say that I have a wonderful group of friends that I can count on, lean on, learn with, and make memories. But you know what is even better; I have the absolute best friend a girl could ask for. She has and always will be there for me through absolutely everything. She is more than a friend, more than a bestie, she is my partner in crime and my sister.
-THREE- Home. I am grateful to have a roof that keeps me safe and sound every day and night. The best thing about it though; It's not a house but a home. Filled with memories, warmth, love, and security.
-FOUR- Sight. Being able to watch the sunrise on the way to work this morning was beautiful and its little things like that I take for granted each and every day.
-FIVE- Happiness. This is something that I never realized I would be grateful for. Until about a year ago, the feeling of happiness wasn't something that I thought was important. I mean of course you have your happy moments, but the feeling of waking up and being happy just because you are truly happy and content with life. It is such an amazing feeling that I am truly grateful for. It was quite the journey to finally be in a place of happiness, but now I am so grateful for all the trials that have gotten me here to this place in which I stand now. Happiness is such a wonderful feeling.!

and since it is Thursday I am going to do a little salute to the past..

I am excited for winter because of the boots, sweaters, scarfs, and cooler weather.
I sure miss summer though and the lake days.

Much Love, kenzie.

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  1. love this!!! There is truly always something to be thankful for! No matter what!!!!