Friday, November 15, 2013


Harlie, welcome to our family.! These last few days have been so much fun having you in the house. You're absolutely hilarious with how much energy you always have. You love having someone play with you all the time and if we aren’t giving you the correct amount of attention when you want it, you find the need to smack us with your toys. It's like you’re saying "Hello, I’m ready to play.!" You also find it hilarious to dig into your toy bin and pull out every single toy you possibly have in there. Then when we attempt (yes I said attempt) to put them back in the bin, you pull them all back out with in a second, throwing them across the room. We sure do love you though and can't help but just laugh as you do it. I think the best thing though is when you make me chase you up and down the stairs, back and forth on the landing. You think it’s hilarious and make me do it over and over and over again. I sure do love you, even when you wear me out.

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