Tuesday, November 12, 2013

lost myself in Sephora

This past weekend I went to Salt Lake with my mom to visit family and attend her doctors appointment. I have always found joy in being able to see family that lives there. Since we live a little further away, it gets hard at times to make it up for visits as often as we would like. Sunday night my Uncle Derrick and Aunt Christie brought their 4 kiddos over for dinner and fun. I love little mister Luke (above picture), he is such a character.  He kept saying to me "Kenzie, you going to take another picture of me?" Isn't he just a little heartbreaker.?
So while we were in Salt Lake, Mom and I did a little shopping. Lets just say, I may possibly be an addict of Sephora now. I walked out with my little bag and $250 less in my pocket from one store, but it was sure worth it. These are a few of the little treasures from my first time in Sephora.
This was just 5 of the 10 items I bought myself. I was so excited with my purchase and I am loving my new little make-up makeover!

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