Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Finally Friday.!

I love Friday’s for a couple of reasons,,
one, it’s the beginning of the weekend
two, it’s time to link up with these lovely ladies below
Which I have to say that I am an avid readers of them all; love their blogs.!
-one- Starbucks Coffee. Yea I get it, I sound like a record set on repeat with this one. Seriously though, when it is 9 (YES 9) degrees when I leave the house just after 6 in the morning, that stuff is calling my name to warm me up!
-two- Facebook. Honestly, I love how I can ask advice and all my friends pitch in. Like for instance, I have wanted to get my teeth professionally whitened because the store stuff no longer gives me the outcome I am happy with. It stays white for a day or two and then it seems to go away for me, maybe I am just used to good bleach or something. Anyways, I wake up to, I kid you not, like 30 comments. Great advice from all the people I trust.! Thanks guys! P.S. you know any tricks or which is better; laser, bleach trays, or the blue light, let me know.!
-three- Fabric Wraps. Seriously guys, these came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. Like a little kid on Christmas, jumping up and down with joy when I opened the package up. You will have to check out the etsy shop! Adorable and totally affordable! The pic below is from her shop.

-four- I started training this week for Buffalo Wild Wings and I have loved the crew so far. So many friends, energetic, and fun people that I have come in contact with over just this last few days. So excited that I will get to kick off being a server for the first time with their company.!
-five- self explanatory.

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