Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowed In

I was really excited for this past weekend. The national weather said it was going to snow, yes snow, in Southern Utah. I love snow. That white fluffy stuff sure makes me happy and then I woke up on Saturday morning sick. I am talking really sick, that stupid flu bug finally crept its way up to my doorstep and decided it wanted to stay awhile. So while everyone here in St. George was able to enjoy this beautiful white fluffy stuff, I was in bed.
I was really upset about missing my training on Saturday at Buffalo Wild Wings because it really is fun; it’s so much harder to try and learn everything all by yourself. I have thoroughly enjoyed training so far, it’s a lot of information that I have had to take in, but I am super excited to be part of such a fun environment. Instead, I was coped up in my brother’s bed while he and his roommate Ashton took care of my sickly little self. I wasn’t about to drive home on Saturday in the midst of the snow storm, it was a blizzard outside and I just wanted to curl up in bed.
When I finally decided that I would make the trek home on Saturday around 6pm, it was a mad house. May I remind you that Southern Utah doesn’t see snow and if we do, it surely doesn’t stick to the ground but for about 2 seconds. 6 inches later, people who don’t know how to drive, it makes for a disaster. Long story short, being a somewhat experienced driver in the snow (thanks to ND and snow days of Diamond Valley) I was the creepy person knocking on windows trying to help people get unstuck on my way home. Good deed, done. I lived just outside of St. George and as I was driving home the snow got deeper and deeper, finally when I arrived it was around 8 inches or so. Yesterday when I ventured outside with Harlie, I would honestly say we got at least 11 inches or so.
I am sitting here at work this morning attempting to write this blog post while I am freezing. You see we only have one heater here at the cleaners and it gets really cold in this building at night. Especially when it is only 1 degree outside; my fingers just may freeze and fall off..
I hope you all have a happy Monday!
Much Love, Kenzie.

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