Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stocking Stuffers

I don’t know if I get more excited about the actual presents on Christmas or watching everyone open theirs. I get so much joy shopping and picking out things for people, I just love gifting. I love watching someone as they open up a gift and get super excited for what is inside for them. There is nothing better to me, honestly. I love Christmas stockings, small little gifts that are so much fun to get! We usually always get the same things in our stockings along with a few little knickknacks that mom throws in. It usually consisted of underwear, socks, a gift card, candy bar, and then the few knickknack items she decided to throw in that year. As a child, I got a lot of nail polish, hair accessories, fun colored gel pens, colored pencils, markers, jewelry, and small toys. When I have little kiddos of my own, I want to do the stocking stuffers that I grew up with, underwear, socks, a gift card (never more than $20), a candy bar or fruit, and then a few special knickknacks that matches that child’s interest. Here are some knickknack ideas that I threw together for you.

Mom//Wife//Older Daughter//Friend

Dad//Husband//Older Son//Friend



I hope you enjoy. Happy Shopping.
Much Love, Kenzie.

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