Monday, January 27, 2014

Breakfast at Tifiny's

Since I had Saturday off, Kati and I, decided to hit up Breakfast at Tifiny's here in St. George. I am all about trying new places, and even though this isn't exactly new. I haven't had the pleasure of trying it yet. Breakfast at Tifiny's started in an old little vintage house just outside of town and recently opened their second location in the heart of St. George. I have been wanting to try it for as long as I have heard about it, cause I have this special weakness for french toast and crepes. It is safe to say that it is so worth a trip over.

For starters they have the most adorable decor, I really am wishing that I would of snapped a picture of it now. It reminds me of an old 50's cafe that serves on their customers on the porch of the cafe. The thick tables with heavy vinyl full back chairs included, but what gives it such a fun feeling is that the decor isn't all matchy-matchy. They have small wire tables along with the vintage styled, bookcases, and a fun fridge filled with chocolate covered apples and cupcakes. All of the serves are super friendly and cheerful. The place was full of chatter and smiling faces. I was just so impressed with the adorable little place. 

Now, on too the best part, the food. Seriously, I wanted to order so many things on the menu. It all sounded soo good it was unbelievable. Kati and I decided to order a few things and just share, cause we couldn't decide. They are known for their Creme Brulee French Toast, and after tasting it, I see why. They offer it a couple of ways, with fresh strawberries and a blueberry sauce, or banana foster style. Of course, twist my arm, I had to go with banana foster style. That wasn't a choice at all, and I am so glad I did, because it was so delicious. We also go their Mango Berry crepe, which was delightful. Fresh raspberries and mango, along with fresh whipped creme, fill the inside of the light crepe. It was super delicious and definitely worth a second trip over there to get another. 
Of course, we didn't end there. We also ordered a parfait, because Kati said there yogurt was to die for. She was right. Fresh made yogurt with pumpkin flax seed granola and blueberries, topped with almond butter. I can honestly say, I believe that their yogurt was by far the best yogurt I have ever had. I will say this, I will definitely be back for another meal at Tifiny's. I am officially swooned with their adorable atmosphere and delicious food.!

I hope if your in the St. George area, that you'll stop in at one of their locations and enjoy yourself a delicious meal! It will completely be worth the stop and the wait for a table.!

- kenzie -

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