Thursday, January 2, 2014

Conquering 2014.!

I have never been one for doing New Year’s Resolutions, because I never really thought they were necessary and kind dorky honestly. Like, if you want to lose weight, why wait till the New Year, start now. If you want to train to do a marathon, start training today, why wait? That’s kind of the way I have looked at it all my life.  Then I got thinking, well if I made New Year’s Resolutions more of a bucket list of things I would like to do in 2014, that would be more of my style. So I would love it if you would join in with me, create your own bucket list. This is how I am going to do mine; I am going to make a special page for it. Create a post for each one item I cross off the list and link it back to the page. I would love it you would join in with me. Here is too 2014! Let’s make it a great year. 

Bucket List for 2014

Attend a New Year’s party
Attend a wine tasting
Build a gingerbread house
Build up my savings account
Buy a stranger dinner
Buy and Learn Photoshop Elements
Buy coffee for the person behind me
Celebrate my brothers 21st birthday
Create a recipe binder
Get a tattoo
Get family pictures done
Get food from a food truck
Go on a camping trip with friends
Go on a family vacation
Go on a horse ride
Go on a vacation with my best friend
Go Skydiving
Go to a music festival
Go to a sporting event
Go to a zoo
Go to Disneyland
Have a girl’s weekend
Have a paint fight
Hike Kanarraville Falls
Host a Christmas Party
Host a dinner party
Host a family/friends game night
Indulge in a real taco shop
Learn to make sushi
Make homemade chili
Make homemade pizza
Make pasta from scratch
Move into my own place
Participate in the 12 days of Christmas for someone
Purchase a new camera
Redo my bedroom
Ride a bicycle on the beach walk
See a Vegas Show
See the Grand Canyon
Send a care package
Spend a weekend in a cabin
Splurge on a spa day with the girls
Visit a brewery
Visit a Dinner, Drive-In, and Dive Restaurant
Visit a farmers market
Visit a pumpkin patch
Visit California
Visit Colorado
Write a handwritten letter

I would love it you would join in with me and we can conquer our Bucket Lists together!
- Kenzie

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  1. I have a 101 in 1001 list that im trying to barrel through this year! I love what you have on your bucket list!