Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking Back at 2013

While everyone is reminiscing on the past year of what has happened in their life, this post is a little hard for me. Looking back at all the trial and tribulations I have endured over the past year, honestly it make me really sad. Yet at the same time, I am so proud of the person who is sitting  here writing for you today. I am a much happier and stronger person than I was at this time last year, or even 6 months ago. I have grown so much through the trials that I have overcome. If you are a new reader to Life in the Sunshine, you can read all about what happened in my life here.

Although I have struggled with depression and anxiety a good majority of my life, it never took a constant place until these past few years. I had a really hard time excepting that I dealt with depression; I honestly was scared to even say that I was dealing with emotional problems. I felt like I was broken and no one wants to be broken. After breaking up with ex, I faced the fact that I need to get myself better and I needed to make happiness the biggest priority in life. I wanted to learn who I was, that I could stand on my own two feet, and I was creating happiness within myself. I participated in a Blog Challenge during the month of May that really helped open my eyes to learning what Letting Go meant to me. Read about what the term Letting Go meant to me, here.

Before Life in the Sunshine debuted on March 28, 2013 I had used this blog as a personal journal for my family and friends to see what I had been up to in my life. I really didn’t care too much about it and didn’t post very often. I really just did it because people wanted to see what I had been up too. Then I really started following blogs and reading a handful on a daily basis. Because of blog like Love & Such by Mikell, Life on Countryside by Lindsey, The Sweet Season by Ashley, and Story of My Life by Jenni.

I fell in love with the blogging world being able to share the things that had been going on in my life like:

and participate in blogging challenges, link ups, holiday traditions, and sharing advice or recipes for all of you! I have had so much fun letting my creative juices flow and typing away for all of you to read. I of course have hit a few road blocks in between with writers block, but I felt like I wasn’t alone when I read about how each of you have had the same kind of troubles. I love reading and getting advice from the fellow bloggers that I have come to enjoy reading their blogs. This blogging world is such a fun way to meet people and share who you are with the world.

I hope you have enjoyed this past 9 months with Life in the Sunshine. I am excited for the year ahead and to reach my one year mark. It will call for a celebration! 

Here are some of the photos of the things that have happened over the past year in my life..

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