Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday

Good Morning Everyone!
Happy Friday (:
We finally made it.! Yippee!
Sorry,, that your all stuck at work waiting for that 5pm hour to come around. So you can go home and enjoy your weekend. Meanwhile, I am lying in bed at the Mandalay Bay. So excited to be celebrating my birthday with my bestie! Vegas is going to treat us right this weekend. I’ll probably be spending a majority of my days either 1) laying pool side getting some sunshine 2) shopping the amazing shopping here in Las Vegas 3) drinking a little and dancing a lot 4) eating delicious, slightly over priced, food.
Since I made this post last night, before we headed to Vegas, I can’t tell you exactly what our rooms look like.. but I will show you a picture of the room I reserved. Let’s hope I get an update,, it is my birthday after all. I think I should get at least that…!
Anyways,, If you want me, come find me here today! Kati and I will be enjoying the sunshine and probably, most likely, yes guarantee you can find us shopping a little later in the day..


Mile Long Shoppes at Planet Hollywood

I hope you all have a splendid and fun weekend!
Much Love, Kenzie

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