Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Finally Friday.

Well Friday we met again, and I am grateful you have finally arrived. I am so looking forward to this weekend, I can hardly stand myself. By this time next week, I will be waking up for a weekend full of birthday fun in Vegas! I decided to link up with Five on Friday this week!
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[ONE] I am excited that I have a nail appointment today, my nails are so outgrown its kind of a sad sight to see. I am very excited for what I am going to do today too! My favorite colors lately… turquoise, white, and pink/coral.!

[TWO] So, I have been on this horrible Mac ‘N’ Cheese kick this week. Yeah, you heard me right, Mac ‘N’ Cheese. Well anyways, I found this recipe via Pinterest and I believe that I am just going to have to try it this weekend. Probably on Sunday,, since I have plans tonight and tomorrow.

[THREE] August is filled with birthdays here at work, and of course I always make a special treat for the birthday girl/boy. Well the 21st will be Gretchen’s birthday,, and I won’t even tell you how old she is cause its old. Haha! Love you Gretch. Well I found this recipe via Pinterest, yeah obsession. Sounds delish, looks delish, its chocolate, and cookies, I’m sold!
[FOUR] Summer weather will soon be coming to a close within the next few months.. Which means I only have a few months to stock up on some new fall fashions. I love the new grunge look; skinny jeans, oversized shirts, cardigans, and a scarf. Not to mention, the military inspired looks for fall = love! Anyways, I better be saving me money, I need a shopping trip.!
[FIVE] Now that August is half over with, I am excited to dive into my next project. A baby shower for my friend Erin, I am so excited to get all creative and throw an adorable shower if I may say so myself. Vintage/Outdoors is what we are kind of going for, with a color palette of purple, olive, brown, and cream.

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