Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birthday Celebration..

Yesterday I turned 24. Yesterday was My Birthday. That one day a year, that I share with a few other people, that we get to celebrate our day of birth. Usually my family all goes out to do dinner and celebrates, but this year was a little lower key than usual. My parents had just gotten back from Costa Rica the night before, my brother had to work, and I have this stupid cold to top it all off.  The girls from work, like always, spoil me with some kind of sweet treat. This year was my favorite, Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes. Then Kati, Breighn, Wyatt, and I went to Kneaders for some soup. With a throat that hurts like mine, that is the only thing that sounded slightly appetizing. So even though it was really low key, it was so nice and relaxing. My parents got me a new coffee mug to go, so I guess I can now stop stealing my fathers. A gift card to Starbucks, yessss!! Levi,, says I have to wait till he takes me out to dinner to get mine.. But I can already tell you what he got me, just not exactly what. He got me a new purse. I have wanting one for a while now, something for fall/winter. He is just the guy to do it, he has the best taste in purses; I kid you not. So here is to being 24, single, and ready to enjoy my life.!

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