Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where Does Time Go..?

I can’t even believe how much of “my time” is gone once my parents leave town, and I am left to run this business without them. I have so much gratitude for the amount of work that my father puts in each and every day. You never realize how much of an impact one is, until they are gone. I have been such a slacker this week, because any free time I have is spent cleaning or sleeping. I did get to enjoy my Sunday though out on the lake.

One: Couldn't find an opener, so I used a stapler.
Two & Three: Kati and I went to George's on Friday Night. Mojitos and Strawberry Lemonade.
Four & Five: Spend a few hours poolside at the Marriott.
Six: The girls at Sand Hollow on Sunday.
Seven & Eight & Nine: Wake Surfing. Ashton, Ashton & Levi, and Myself.
 I love how everyone on instagram is doing this transformation Tuesday. I think it’s adorable to put an old picture of you, and a new picture of you. See where you have come from, to where you are now!
Wednesday Words of Wisdom:
Motivation: is a psychological feature that is considered to give a human a drive or force toward a goal. Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of an action. Motivation may be rooted in a basic impulse to optimize well-being, minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure.

Last Thursday I was sitting in Rotary listening to our speaker, as he went on about what drives you. It really got me thinking, What motivates you to do what you do every single day?
Do you get the motivation from the money you will receive once you have reached your goals? Do you get the motivation from the face you will be learning and gaining knowledge, and the fact to understand the truth behind something? Do get the motivation from the people who surround you? Do you get the motivation from the end result being nice things, surroundings, clothing, and life-fulfillment?  Do you get the motivation from the control and power you will have over your own destiny? Do you get the motivation from fact that you will live life to a set standard?

Motivation has roots from where it comes from; it can be single factor or a group of factors. Each one has its pros and cons; and each will help you reach the goal you have a desire to reach. So what is your motivation for life, work, and adventure? I know that I am a Dry Cleaning Manager because I desire the knowledge to know more about the service I will supply to my community, and the self growth it will give me as an end result. So my drive for work is knowledge, social/people, and power/individual. My desire for life is to help others, create a life for myself and my family, and leave a legacy in which they can follow. So my motivation for life would be social/people, power/individual, and aesthetic. My desire to live life to fullest is to create my own adventures and include those whom I love, my fellow peers, on the adventures I will have in my life. My motivation for adventure in life is individual and social.

Set goal for yourself, because when you finally reach them; it is the best feeling in this entire world. Knowing that something you once set your mind too, is in your grasp, and you have achieved it.
Go out there and get it. Put your mind to it, and achieve it!
Have a wonderful day everyone.
Much Love, Kenzie

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  1. Awesome thought for the day! Thank you for sharing and getting me thinking. My motivation starts by being grateful. If I am grateful, than I want to do more and do better. Find a need to do for someone else and my motivation starts to run wild. "You are good. but is is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world" - Gordon B. Hinckley